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Most engagements are begun with a proposal and an engagement ring. Wedding engagement rings aren’t absolutely necessary but they’re a nice touch and the one you love might just be expecting one. Most girls dream about the day they see a wedding engagement ring presented to them.. An engagement ring adds special meaning to the moment the question is popped. However, the rings can be purchased well after the special moment, although this is not recommended!

Wedding Rings of your Dreams

When it comes to marriage can you think of anything more important than your wedding ring? No other piece of jewelry will be as meaningful to you and your spouse than this important peace of jewelry. The ring becomes a symbol of your love and devotion to each other.

How Important is a Wedding Ring?

A wedding ring is the most important physical representation of a couple's love and commitment to each other. Wedding rings are worn for the entire duration of the marriage; therefore, it is important to consider all aspects of purchasing the ring before the final purchase.

Platinum Rings are Wonderful for Engagement and Wedding Rings

Platinum rings are gaining in popularity as we speak. Many people are drawn to the unique color and luster of this fabulous metal. Platinum has not always been used for jewelry. It was not until the 1940's that this metal really took off in terms of jewelry. Platinum is a rare metal and therefore platinum engagement rings are popular but do cost more than 18k gold rings.

Platinum Diamond Wedding Rings–Hot and Popular

Platinum Diamond wedding rings haven't always been popular but in recent years they have surged in popularity. Traditional diamond wedding rings are made out of yellow gold and they have a solitaire diamond in the center of the setting. This was the type of ring that was popular for many decades and to this day it is still the most commonly purchased ring.

Fabulous Diamond Wedding Rings

Receiving jewelry as a wedding gift is desirable for both men and women. Among the possibilities of jewelry gifts, there are bridal jewelry, engagement rings and the fabulous diamond wedding rings. Diamond wedding rings are the epitome of beauty. They can be worn by both the bride and groom.

A Few Tips for Buying Wedding Rings

So you're getting married: congratulations! Now that the proposal and the engagement ring are out of the way, it's time the think about the next important step in the process - and we're not talking about choosing your china pattern here. It's time to buy your wedding rings.

Famous Wedding Rings

Since wedding rings are such an important part of our lives, it's no surprise that people pay attention when persons of note sport theirs. Even if we can't afford wedding rings to match them, it's always nice to see what the other half are wearing -- and to aspire a little toward greatness. That's assuming that the famous actually go overboard in their selection of wedding rings; this isn't always the case.

Wedding Ring Inscriptions

Inscriptions on wedding rings are nearly as old as the tradition itself, and can help make these symbols of fidelity even more special. The blank inner surface of any ring offers a tempting canvas to the artisan, and people have been inscribing rings as long as they've been forged.

Affordable Designer Wedding Rings

Everything has a designer version these days. You can get designer purses, clothes, shoes, and now even designer wedding rings. Do you have $20,000 to spend on your wedding ring? Unless your first name is Madonna or Prince or your last name is Jackson and you have a sister named Janet, you probably can’t afford a $20,000 wedding ring. But never fear; there are ways to find affordable designer wedding rings.

18 kt Gold Wedding Rings

Many couples prefer the traditional and classic style represented by gold wedding rings. Yellow gold still leads the pack as far as popularity, but white gold is also very popular. However, all gold isn’t the same. If you’re going to purchase a gold wedding ring, it’s in your best interest to learn the differences.

Traditional Gold Wedding Rings

The world is full of ceremonies. Every country and culture has its own set of unique rituals and customs. The symbols used to mark each occasion vary by culture and country. But one tradition that takes place all over the world is the wedding ceremony. No matter where the ceremony takes place, traditional gold wedding rings are usually exchanged.

Men's Wedding Rings

Women are known to wear jewelry more often than men and the stereotype is that women care more about wedding rings than men do. However, that presumption is changing as more men become interested in men’s wedding rings. It’s no longer just the bride who cares about having a beautiful wedding ring. Grooms are also concerned with having beautiful rings. As a result, jewelers are creating beautiful men’s wedding rings to rival those made for women.

Wedding Ring Sets for Bride and Groom

Wedding ring sets are an anticipated part of most wedding ceremonies. Just the mention of a wedding sparks images of gold rings glittering with diamonds. Of course, not all couples choose to purchase wedding ring sets, but many do. Since wedding ring sets are scrutinized just as much as bridal gowns and wedding receptions, they must be chosen with care. Yes, it’s true that they mark the most memorable event in a person’s life and assume great significance; but it’s also a matter of fashion.

1 Carat Engagement Rings

When Most people thing that a 1 carat engagement ring is the ideal size for a ring. The fact of the matter is that an engagement ring that has a diamond exactly 1.0 carat in size will probably cost you more than a 1.1 carat or a .97 carat diamond. A 1 carat engagement ring is a nice size but you can usually save by purchasing a ring slightly smaller than 1 carat or purchasing an engagement ring with side stones so that the ring becomes a 1 carat engagement ring when the side diamonds are included. For more information, call our toll free number, 1-888-488-3357 and speak with one of our diamond consultants.

Are Cheap Wedding Rings a Good Idea?

When it comes to wedding rings, couples should get what they can afford. If the bride or groom insists on an expensive ring, even when it’s unaffordable, that couple has problems already. There’s nothing wrong with cheap wedding rings if they look good, are given from the heart, and are made from sturdy material. At Novori we don't sell cheap engagement rings if cheap refers to quality. All our engagement rings are 1st quality rings and only the price of the ring is cheap. You get what you pay for and at Novori Jewelry, you get 1st quality solid metal engagement rings made in the USA.


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