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Every woman dreams of owning her own diamond ring. Solitaire or cluster, we all have our preferred style. Usually the only obstacle to acquiring a gorgeous diamond rings is the price. Unfortunately, diamonds are expensive and the higher the quality of the diamond, the higher the price. Novori is an online retailer specializing in diamond engagement rings. We keep costs low and pass the savings to you.

Buying Fancy Colored Diamond Rings

Fancy colored diamond rings shot into prominence recently when actor Ben Affleck presented his sweetheart J Lo with a rose-colored diamond engagement ring. It is reported to have set him back by a million dollars! Fancy colored diamond rings are much in demand thanks to celebrities flaunting their possessions of these rare gems.

Celebrate your Anniversary with a Diamond Ring

One of the best ways to celebrate an anniversary is with a diamond anniversary ring. Diamond rings are something that everyone will enjoy receiving. If you have been married for some time, you will know exactly what style to get for your beloved. Either a diamond ring or diamond jewelry are nice options as well.

Diamond Rings Wholesale

Finding irreplaceable diamond rings is never an easy task. With time and patience you will find that special ring that complements your occasion. Getting wholesale diamond rings is an even more challenging task. Although retailers usually cannot sell diamonds at wholesale prices, we keep our prices unbelievably low. Certified loose diamonds and diamond rings at very low prices = Novori.

Fancy Colored Diamond Rings

Everyone loves diamonds but there are many people who would rather receive a fancy colored diamond ring than a regular diamond ring. The fancy coloring of some diamonds in a ring gives them an exotic flair that many find highly attractive.

Diamond and Sapphire Rings

The crystal clarity of diamonds and the brilliant blue of sapphires seem destined to go together, which might explain the current popularity of diamond rings and diamond sapphire rings. The juxtaposition of the two types of gemstones can be quite striking, particularly in a ring with a band made of gold -- but diamond and sapphire rings with platinum and white gold bands look plenty sharp too.

Diamond Anniversary Rings

Your wife is the most important person in the world to you, and what better way to remind her than with a diamond anniversary ring? Like their cousins the diamond rings and eternity rings, diamond anniversary rings are hand-worn works of art set with a number of stones, often completely encircling their circumference.

Diamond Promise Rings

Sometimes you just know when you've found the perfect person to share your life with but the time isn't right to ask her to marry you. Maybe you feel you're a little too young or, you both want to go to college first or, you just can't afford a wedding for a while. Your solution? Buy her a diamond promise ring and she'll know you're serious. Diamond rings do not have to be expensive.

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

The most important day of your life is fast approaching, and you're bogged down with a million things to do, from selecting the wedding dress to picking out a cake to making sure your embarrassing fifth cousin thrice removed doesn't show up to enliven the festivities. At this point, let us interject a suggestion: have you considered emerald cut diamond rings? These diamond rings have a unique beauty about them which you may love.

Fake Diamond Rings

Nothing compares to the beauty of a genuine diamond, but in the last decade or so, fake diamond rings have become increasingly popular -- and they might be something that you should consider adding to your own jewelry repertoire. There are not many advantages to owning a fake diamond ring and actually you may not save any money at all. Novori has diamond rings - REAL, certified diamonds - for less than you think.

Gold Diamond Rings

Few rings are more traditional or classier than gold diamond rings. Whether used for wedding rings, engagement rings, promise rings, or simply for personal adornment, gold diamond rings really do, to coin a phrase, set the gold standard. Diamond rings settings are usually made from yellow gold or white gold, platinum or palladium. Each metal has it's own traits and contribute to a beautiful diamond ring.

Invisible Set Diamond Rings

All diamond rings are special, but there's something particularly appealing about invisible set diamond rings. If you're unaware of these jewels of the jeweler's art, you're missing out -- invisible set diamond rings are among the more attractive pieces of jewelry on the market today.

Men's Diamond Rings

A century ago, the term "men's diamond rings" would have been considered something of an oxymoron. Well into the mid-Twentieth century, it was rare to see any man sporting a diamond ring -- with the notable exception of Liberace, of course. Today many men are wearing diamond rings as their wedding ring. It's fashionable and stylish and the diamond represents his commitment to his wife.

1 Carat Engagement Rings

Have you ever wondered why a 1 carat engagement ring is something so very special? It seems as though the first question anyone asks when they see a new engagement ring is "How big is the diamond?" Here are some thoughts on what makes a 1 carat engagement ring so special. Read the article and then find your special diamond and ring at Novori.

White Gold Diamond Rings

If you're in the market for an elegant wedding or engagement ring, have you considered white gold diamond rings? White gold diamond rings make an excellent alternative to more traditional rings. Sure, diamond rings made with yellow gold are traditional, and platinum rings are all the rage; their biggest drawbacks, however, are their prices.


Diamond rings have long been the symbol for love and devotion. In today's culture more so than ever a diamond engagement ring represents one's love that is enduring and cherished. The value of the diamond and the value of the metal holding the diamond both contribute to the enchantment of the diamond ring. Hopefully this page has provided some resources into the many worlds and styles of diamonds, diamond rings and diamond engagement rings. We are here to help you with selecting a perfect diamond ring for your loved one. There are so many reasons why a diamond ring will be a cherished gift that you can give.


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