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Finding the perfect engagement ring to express your love for that special person in your life can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips we have put together that you may find helpful to make the diamond ring search easier.
diamond engagement rings guide
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Choosing the Right Metal for the Engagement Ring

The choice of metal for your engagement ring will have lasting value because it is seen every time you look at your ring. Platinum and gold are both beautiful, but have distinct differences beyond just the price. Gold is the most common metal used in jewelry, and unlike platinum, is easy to polish and repair. Neither platinum nor gold will tarnish, but platinum rings and jewelry is much more resistant to damage than gold jewelry. Platinum is more rare than gold and therefore more expensive.

When choosing an engagement ring remember to match the metal color with any existing jewelry she may already own. This will allow her to wear the ring or diamond jewelry more often and co-ordinate it with other pieces. Remember that no matter what ring or diamond jewelry you purchase from Novori, we back you purchase with a 30 day return policy just in case you need it.

How Much Should I Spend on my Engagement Ring?

When it comes to diamond engagement rings, certainly the 'wow' factor is important, but you should not spend more than you are comfortable with. A budget of two or three months salary is a common guideline but is not always adhered to. The bottom line is that there are no set rules on how much you should spend on an engagement ring.

Never start thinking that the ring you purchase somehow determines that degree of your love. That will only set you up to make a poor purchasing decision. The diamond engagement ring you purchase is an expression of your love and not a measure of it.

It is best to set yourself a budget for your engagement ring purchase and then try to stay within the budget. We can assist you with finding beautiful engagement ring setting and certified diamond within almost any budget. Here are some engagement rings within certain budgets. Call us and we will be pleased to assist you.

What Size of Diamond Should I Purchase?

There is no right answer but there are several guidelines you can use to ensure that the ring choose will be perfect for her. Just keep in mind that you want a ring that she will be proud of, confidently show to all her friends and family and treasure for the rest of her life. Always keep quality and value in mind along with your budget. Our diamond experts can help you keep to your budget. Just call us for help.

First, you should consider her expectations If your fiancée has said to you "I'm just waiting for that 1 carat rock to land on my finger!" you may have to honor that expectation and ensure your diamond choice is at least 1 carat. If she has told you to find the best diamond just for her, you may be able to look for a smaller, higher quality diamond. Ask her some innocent questions on her jewelry tastes and listen for her answers. Although it has not been scientifically proven, many women desire at least a 1 carat diamond ring. You can search our inventory of certified diamonds anytime.

Buying an Engagement Ring - The Element of Surprise

Obviously the only way to know for sure that you have found the perfect engagement ring would be to have shopped together with your loved one. Unfortunately, this can take away from the surprise. Remember that it is not uncommon to discuss engagement ring preferences with your partner. If you do want to make it a complete surprise, you will need to do some investigating:

1) Speak with one of your partners closest friends or family members (her sister or mother will likely be helpful) for hints on what types of styles she prefers to wear.

2) What color of jewelry does your partner normally wear? If she typically wears yellow gold earrings or necklaces, then she may prefer a yellow gold engagement ring as well. Keep in mind popular fashion these days are platinum or white gold engagement ring settings.

3) Flip through a catalogue and land (by happenstance of course) on the jewelry rings section. Make some comment about some different jewelry styles you see in the catalogue and hope your partner will share some of her preferences with you.

How Can I Find My Partners Ring Size?

We can help determining an accurate ring size by providing you a free ring sizer. Just request it from our customer service department online or by phone. It is also helpful if you are able to get the ring finger sized by a jeweler as you are casually shopping together.

If you can't wait for the ring sizer (which will take 4-5 days to ship) or want to surprise your partner, you will need to get your hands on one of your partners' rings.

How can I find her ring size? Measure the ring size using the option #2 sizing method found at our ring sizing page. Just remember these are not foolproof methods and should be measured by a jeweler if possible.

Another option is to have one of her current, well fitting rings measured at a local jeweler. This will give you an opportunity to see how much you will save by ordering your diamond ring online from Novori. We know that on average you will save 30% to 60% because of our low overhead and excellent pricing on certified diamonds, engagement rings and diamond jewelry.

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