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Stylish Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings to Fit Any Budget

July 6th, 2013 12:06 am

While multiple diamonds make gorgeous engagement ringDiamond Rings, there is still nothing quite like the simple grace of a diamond solitaire. The inexpert eye may distinguish this engagement ring as plain. However, after a couple of visits to the jewelry counter, you will fall in love with this timeless look.

Of course, diamond solitaire engagement rings usually come with larger diamonds, which can make them a more costly choice. Still, anyone can buy an exquisite diamond solitaire for their brides-to-be. If you are on a tighter budget than most, you can focus you attention to other details that will bring out the character and beauty of any diamond, even a minor one.

Unique Shape:

Diamond solitaire engagement rings look great in any size. While round brilliant diamonds make glowing engagement rings, choosing a more sole shape will offer a lovely distraction from the size of the diamond.

For romance, steal her heart with a unique heart cut diamond wedding ring. For the diva, daze her with a marquise diamond engagement ring. Is the woman you love a fan of high fashion? Astonish her with a stylish emerald cut diamond solitaire. Of course, if the engagement ring is a surprise, look to her current jewelry collection for an idea. Does she have a pair of square diamond or gemstone earrings? If so, surprise her with a princess cut engagement ring and make her your queen for life.

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5 Reasons to Buy Engagement Rings Online

January 28th, 2013 4:09 pm

online engagement rings

Ready to buy an engagement ring online? Love has struck and now comes the day you never thought would be part of your world… you are going to buy an engagement ring.  Perhaps the thought of buying something very expensive, from a slick salesman dressed in a suite does not appeal to you. Perhaps you wonder who is paying for all the expensive, lights, fixtures and salespeople in the high end local mall.  If your looking for a better way to buy an engagement ring, you need to read these 5 reasons why you should buy your engagement ring online from a reputable retailer like Novori Jewelry.

1. Savings – The exact same ring will cost less online.  If you do happen to find identical rings in a store and online, the ring online will cost less because of the lower overhead to sell it to you.  It will be made of the same exact materials but the price tag will be lower. At Novori we guarantee our prices. We even custom make our rings and they are solid and made in the USA to help our economy. Cheaper products (I mean cheaper quality!) are known to come from India or China. Go with known quality – go with Novori.  Ready to save some money?  – Buy your ring online.

2. Convenience -Do you hate fighting mall traffic as much as we do?  Shop online ANYTIME you want.  Here is the link:  www.novori.com We are open anytime, all the time. Need help and want to talk to a human voice, we are a phone call or a few clicks away with online chat. You can shop when you want, how you want and we are always there to help when you need us. Sound convenient?  We thought so too.

3. Selection -Online stores have real inventory AND virtual inventory.  We have tens of thousands of diamonds to choose from.  At they mall they might have ten – the ones they want to sell but you might not want to buy. We do not buy the diamonds until you want it. Just to ensure you get the diamond you want we physically check it out and make sure it is nice, is certified and meet our standards. For rings, we make ANY ring because we are the manufacturer. You win, win and then win again when you shop online at Novori.com

4. Quality -Since we make the rings here in the USA, we control the quality. We inspect every certified diamond we sell to ensure the quality. We might even recommend a different diamond for you based on what we see. We care about the product you buy from us and we want you to be one of our valued customers who love our products. Quality comes first and we make them right. At Novori we specialize in custom quality engagement rings made right.

5. Value – Do you want more for you money? If you buy at a jewelry store in a mall you will get a cheaper, smaller ring than you would if you bought online.  A $1000 ring bought from Novori will have a larger diamond and be custom made because you money can buy you more when you buy a ring online. Our overhead is less and our markup is less than a traditional jewelry store. Don’t take our word for it – shop online and compare. It’s easy to do when you are online.

Of course there are more than 5 reasons that you should shop online but convenience, value, quality, selection and savings have got to be on your list.  We are here to help with your online engagement ring purchase and would be pleased to assist you with your important purchase.

Innovative Engagement Ring Trends

September 4th, 2012 5:15 am

When it comes down to engagement rings , celebrities can give the best of the best, so what exactly are they choosing? Whether they choose for a vintage-inspired design with a white diamond like Nicole Richie or a more modern style with a yellow diamond like Kristen Bell, there is an overarching trend: a platinum setting.

The enormous news is that we can all have that same quality platinum setting on our day by day budget. Here are some tips on how you can get your desired celeb engagement ring style in your price range:

 Engagement Rings

  1. First of all, remember that smaller diamonds are your friend, too. Whether it’s a halo around the center stone, or a cover setting, these smaller, more economical stones closely fit together give your ring a ‘big diamond’ look. Stars like Katherine Heigl and Gwenyth Paltrow framed their center stone with pave diamonds, complete with a pave band. Also, instead of a diamond, you can opt for a colored center gemstone like a sapphire or citrine. Not only will it show your uniqueness, but they are far less expensive than a diamond…just ask Penelope Cruz!

  2. Go vintage! Vintage rings have a sweet and elegant style – they reflect utmost complexity, but without pretention. Both Katie Holmes and Ali Landry chose a vintage-inspired situation for their engagement rings, but you can do one better – try incorporating heirloom pieces into your ring’s design to make that milestone purchase as sentimental as it is smart.

  3. Last but not least, possibly one of the most vital things to remember is that it’s not all about the diamond rings. Obviously that’s generally the major focus when choosing a ring, but what’s holding it is just as valuable. Choosing a metal that’s going to stand up to the rigors of everyday life, while retaining its structure and beauty, is a very cost-effective, long-term selection. Platinum won’t tarnish, is very tough, and doesn’t ever lose metal. Leading ladies Fergie and Beyonce both opted for platinum to make sure their rings could withstand life on – and off – the stage.

Novori Jewelry can help you with all your diamond jewelry needs.  Just give us a call!

    Ways To Recognize Quality Diamonds and Diamond Clarity

    August 10th, 2012 4:55 am

    Diamond quality is extremely important in choosing the right diamond jewellery. Not only will it have a major impact on the price and value of the rings, pendants or earrings, it will also largely define their beauty.

    The primary source of information on diamond quality is a diamond grading certificate.  Diamond rings certificates show a great deal of information on your precious stone so you are certain of its price. You should avoid diamond jewellery without a certificate, not only is the quality unsure but the origin of the diamond may be in question as well.

     Diamond Rings

    4 C’s for defining a diamond:

    The price of a diamond is a complex issue, but usually it’s represented by the 4 C’s: diamond color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Below we’ll expand on why diamond clarity is maybe the most important factor in finding a quality diamond.

    Diamond clarity:

    When a diamond has low diamond clarity, it will demonstrate imperfections visible to the naked eye. This means you can actually see internal flaws or blemishes on the stone, which take away from their happiness.

    When buying quality diamonds you should choose for diamond clarity of at least VS2, which stands for very slightly included. This clarity grade nearly forever guarantees a diamond that shows no imperfections to the naked eye.

    If you want a diamond that even under 10 x magnifications shows no blemishes or inclusions of any kind, you’re looking for a perfect diamond. This type of diamond is extremely rare while, which means it has a much higher price attached to it.

    How to Recognize Quality Diamonds and Diamond Clarity

    August 10th, 2012 4:44 am

    Diamond quality is extremely important in choosing the right diamond for your jewellery. Not only will it have a major impact on the price and value of the rings, pendants or earrings, it will also largely define their beauty.

    The primary source of information on diamond quality is a certificate. Diamond certificates show a great deal of information on your precious stone so you are certain of its price. You should never purchase a diamond for a ring  without a certificate, not only is the quality unsure but the origin of the diamond may be in question as well. Even with a diamond certificate or grading report, there will be some variance, but GIA certified diamonds are well respected in the industry as being accurate.

    4 C’s for defining a diamond:

    The price of a diamond is a complex issue, but usually it’s represented by the 4 C’s: diamond color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Below we’ll expand on why diamond clarity is maybe the most important factor in finding a quality diamond.

    Diamond clarity:

    When a diamond has low diamond clarity, it will demonstrate imperfections visible to the naked eye. This means you can actually see internal flaws or blemishes on the stone, which take away from their happiness.

    When buying quality diamonds you should choose for diamond clarity of at least VS2, which stands for very slightly included. This clarity grade nearly forever guarantees a diamond that shows no imperfections to the naked eye.

    If you want a diamond that even under 10 x magnifications shows no blemishes or inclusions of any kind, you’re looking for a perfect diamond. This type of diamond is extremely rare while, which means it has a much higher price attached to it.

    Important Facts For Buying Ruby Engagement Rings

    July 26th, 2012 10:20 pm

    Ruby engagement rings have emerged as a popular alternative to the standard engagement rings with diamonds as the centerpieces. Chances are you might also want to buy ruby rings instead of diamond ones for your engagement. If you are, then there are some facts that you should be aware of:

    • Ruby Jewelry Diamond RingsFirst things first, a lot of people will doubt your judgment of buying ruby rings instead of the more popular diamond ones. The fact is that the well designed ruby engagement rings are sometimes even more luxurious and popular than the usual engagement rings.

    • You should first know everything about rubies used in the rings. Here is a look at some important facts. Rubies are basically gemstones belonging to the corundum family of gemstones. They are usually red in color. The red can either be deep crimson red or of any other shade. If the color of the stone used in the ruby rings is not a shade of red than the gemstone is just a sapphire, not a ruby.

    Rubies are so actually hard, second only to diamonds, so there shouldn’t be any cracks. You should see to it that the rubies used in the rings should not be very clear. There should at least be some minor inclusions. Most of the times, the rubies are heat-treated in an effort to improve their color. You should check this with the seller beforehand.

    • Like a diamond the rubies’ cut is also very important. The excellent and the most popular cuts are the oval and the cushion cuts. Also the origin of the rubies plays a vital role in deciding the price of the ruby rings. The most costly rings usually boast of the Burmese rubies.

    • Most of the people frequently complain that the ruby engagement rings are very expensive and there is no scope to save some money. Well, if you try then you can simply save some money when you set out to buy the ruby gemstone engagement rings. The easiest way is to simply buy the ruby rings with rubies that have a somewhat off-shade. The shade can be somewhat darker or lighter than the perfect red color and it would not make a lot of difference. The fact is, nobody will even notice the difference in the shade unless they pay a lot of attention to the ruby’s color.

    So now that you know everything you should about the ruby engagement rings, contact Novori Jewelry for personal assistance in creating the perfect ruby ring. We have created hundreds of ruby rings and can create a masterpiece for you.

    Beautiful Wedding Rings That Say It All

    July 4th, 2012 9:18 pm

    A wedding ring is a symbol of an expression of love, promise and loyalty to your partner. Despite the background and culture of the couple, many embrace the universal values of love, faithfulness, and commitment during a life of marriage. Wedding rings are normally worn on the “ring finger” on the left hand. It is believed that the ring finger posses the love vein that directly connects to the heart to truly symbolize love in all its meaning.

    Many rings today are made with precious metals like gold or platinum and frequently have precious metals like diamonds placed within them. There are several styles found in the market for a wedding ring shopper. You can also choose handcrafted jewelry or jewelry that isn’t found in readymade designs. While this will cost a little more, it can be a unique design that only that couple possesses. Several online outlets offer a “design your own” option which allows you to choose between settings, types of metals, and which diamonds are used.  You are always welcome to shop online at Novori for custom made rings.

    There is no rule that says that wedding rings need to be matching between the couple. If a couple cannot choose what kind of ring to choose for a wedding ring is to simply choose a different wedding ring, one which the person likes. Before you make a decision on any wedding ring design, it is best to look around for the design you will like. This is important since a wedding ring is going to be worn for a lifetime. There are many jewelry stores around and some offer great deals on wedding rings. You can also do your shopping online at Novori.com where everything is at your fingertips.

    Diamonds a Symbol of Everlasting Love

    June 13th, 2012 4:44 am

    There is a very popular saying that says that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. At Novori, we would say that CERTIFIED DIAMONDS are a girl’s best friend! Diamonds frequently receive attention and dominate other precious stones because of their beauty. It has been known for ages and has been used since the olden days that love is something rare to find as is a diamond.

    Diamonds are first mined in India over 4000 years ago. They were originating in the alluvial deposits of the stone along the rivers of Krishna, Penner, and Godavari. The Hindus attributed so much power to them they even used them as the eyes of stone deities. Diamonds were also used for decorative purposes and as a talisman to ward off evil or provide protection in battle.Engagement Ring

    Since early times, many believed diamonds could bring luck and success and could counter bad astrological events. There were people that wore diamonds as charms believing in their ability to heighten sexual prowess and attract others.

    Given this brief history, I’m sure you’re still wondering why diamonds are the engagement ring of choice and why diamonds are carefully considered as the ultimate symbol of love and adoration.

    For centuries, diamonds have been broadly known as the universal symbol of eternal love and commitment.

    For the next centuries, diamond engagement rings were only restricted to the rich and noble families because of the small supply of diamonds. But in 1870, diamond mines in South Africa were discovered and this greatly increased the availability and affordability of diamonds to the public.

    As demands have been met by supplies from South African diamond mines, declining costs allowed even non-royal families to invest in diamonds increasing sales in Europe and United States. In the late 1930s, the United States became the premium marketplace for high-quality diamonds, effectively making diamond engagement rings a common choice in America.

    Since then, it has been a custom to use diamonds not only in engagement rings but also in gifts to women as well. It is now estimated that 78 percent of all engagement rings sold every year are diamond. With this, diamond is the ultimate romantic symbol of love and eternity indeed. You can now show thousands of high quality certified diamonds at Novori.com

    Significance of a diamond ring in wedding

    May 18th, 2012 3:18 am

    Wedding customs are totally different in particular parts of the world. They all grew mainly out of folk traditions and symbolism. Wedding customs around the world have one, general feature that unites them all “they are to provide the couple with happiness, joy, prosperity and power. Today, we can view that some of those customs waves with modern practice making a wedding a long-lasting, demanding and complicated process. No matter whether the wedding will be more traditional or modern, there are still some details that have remained unchanged for centuries. Those are wedding rings and engagement rings.

    Diamonds have become a significant part of wedding customs around the world and every woman dreams about getting one from her beloved. There is no other ring that might have expressed feelings so strongly and distinctly. Moreover, all wedding customs around the world know the value, power and meaning of diamonds. Generally, a man knows how to choose another option. The range of possibilities is unlimited. He could pick a gold ring, even a silver one. However, if the ring will stand up to his future fiancee expectations?

    Sareen Jewelry is Featured at Novori.com

    May 4th, 2012 11:59 am

    Norori Jewelry is pleased to announce that it has secured the full Sareen Jewelry line of rings and jewelry to be showcased on it’s website www.novori.com Sareen Jewelry is a manufacturer of high end, quality diamond rings, wedding rings and engagement rings and is located in heart of the diamond and jewelry district in Los Angeles, California. Sareen creates it’s own line of jewelry and often leads the jewelry fashion industry with it’s innovative designs. All Sareen rings are designed in-house and are manufactured in Los Angeles to ensure strict quality assurance.

    Sareen Jewelry Engagement Ring

    Sareen Jewelry Engagement Rings

    With the full line of Sareen Jewelry now available on the Novori Jewelry website, visitors to the web site will be able to find the rings easily and be able to purchase the rings with the full Novori risk free shopping guarantee. On the website, you can view and purchase Sareen Jewelry from the comfort of your home with a full satisfaction guarantee. Safe and secure shipping to your door is always free. If you have any questions regarding this exciting new line, shop online or call our toll free number 1-877-877-4141 for expert guidance on your purchase.

    Engagement Rings Specially Made for your Special Someone

    April 24th, 2012 10:24 pm

    Love is certainly in the air when you want to get down on your knee and present an engagement ring to your girlfriend and ask her hand.  To be safe, you should know what kind of ring she wants. The engagement ring that you will purchase should be specially made just for her, not taken ‘off the rack’. The ring that you purchase should be as unique and distinct as possible and specially created for her. That is what we do at Novori. We custom make engagement rings.

    An engagement ring adds a new meaning to your relationship and takes your commitment for her to the next level. It is a very personal thing and you have to be very careful of what you are going to buy. She is the one who should like it and it shouldn’t be based on what you like. . It shows her how important is she in your life. In other words, she should feel special. She should feel like a princess when you are proposing for her.

    That makes it all the more imperative for you to choose a ring that she will love. Though you know her to a certain extent and you are sure about her, finding such a special ring is not a complicated task at Novori Jewelry. There are thousands of diamonds and hundreds of ring settings to choose from when it comes to Diamond engagement rings. That’s why we are here to help. Of course every diamond ring is beautiful in its own ways, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your girlfriend will end up liking it. The best way to go about shopping for a special ring is to visit our website at www.novori.com and then find the perfect engagement ring and diamond.  If you need help, remember we are just a toll free phone call away at 1-877-877-4141.  We want to make sure you buy the perfect ring.

    Diamond Engagement Ring – Makes Your Honey Worth More!

    March 22nd, 2012 10:51 pm

    Engagement ringReady to buy an engagement ring for your honey? Ready to pop the question to your leading lady? If so, start shopping for diamond engagement rings at Novori Jewelry. If you want to make the best impression and sweep her off her feet, get the diamond engagement ring of her dreams at Novori Jewelry. So, there’s no doubt what to purchase, but do all the men know where it is best to buy engagement rings?

    When you buy something special & expensive  like wedding rings don’t go to regular stores at first. All the rings there are overpriced, because of the fact that they have to pay their rent for huge areas in the big malls of your city, they have to take care of security matters, they have to pay their insurance, inventory costs….   Do you really want to pay for all that?  Of course not. That’s why we prefer online shopping. There are many advantages to purchasing a ring online – it does not take you long, the convenience of shopping from home – you just choose the one you really like, find the best price available for it, and purchase it. For the same price in the mall you can get a much larger and better quality diamond ring from Novori Jewelry.  And your honey is worth it, so make your present good!

    Novori.com is one a trusted online retailer where you will be able to find in a complete line of fashionable diamond rings and diamonds that are specially designed for engagements and weddings. What to have a great marriage proposal? Start with a ring from Novori Jewelry.  If you need any assistance with selecting the perfect certified diamond or ring setting, call us, email us or contact us on Facebook so we can help you make this day special.  Our toll free number is 1-877-877-4141 and we look forward to your call.

    Solitaire Engagement Rings are a Symbol of constant Love

    March 13th, 2012 10:01 pm

    Two souls with single thought is love!

    Love is often associated with diamonds and diamonds are related to a girl for they can touch the hearts of a girl in a great way.

    Love is just a word until somebody comes along and gives it meaning! Would you like to impress your lady love then; a solitaire diamond ring can convey it in a better way.
    She will be wearing it for the rest of her life so it’s got to be perfect, also make sure that you a get a great one that best suits her complexion.

    Solitaire Engagement Rings

    Solitaire Engagement Rings

    Getting the perfect engagement ring is no longer an issue of eager, yearning, or dropping gargantuan sized hints. Just create it yourself!

    A dazzling diamond engagement ring is the great way to say that your love will last forever!
    Wedding ring is a symbol of devotion; so, select the best ring for your girl to express that you would go an extra mile just for her!

    A one stuff that expresses couple’s love and commitment to one another is a diamond ring. Also wedding and engagement rings are the foremost symbols of love.

    Novori is an esteemed and reputed store where one can get all sorts of Engagement Rings, Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Loose Diamonds, Tension Rings, Wedding Bands and Diamond Studs that are certified.  The quality of diamond matters a lot and we at novori sell certified diamonds that are quality centered.

    Choose wisely and express your love!

    Diamond the eternal and priceless fashion accessory

    February 28th, 2012 3:27 am

    Diamonds are one such item through which the love for your prospective wife or husband can be conveyed.

    If you are going to get married or engaged then a well-cut diamond engagement or wedding ring can convey your love for her.
    Diamonds has the minimal impurities, and they are pure… just for the pure you!

    Through diamonds one can show his love to the girl.

    Diamond the eternal and priceless fashion accessory
    Diamond the eternal and priceless fashion accessory

    The hard diamond stone can pat your lady’s soft heart so go for a diamond wedding ring to prove that you would go an extra mile for her.
    Novori.com is one such trusted online dealer here you will be able to find in a range of diamond rings and studs that are specially designed for engagement and weddings.
    Propose your dream women with the best diamond engagement rings which shows your great love and promise for her.

    Go down on your knees and give her the best cut diamond ring to fill her with ecstasy.
    Novori is an esteemed and reputed store where you will get all types of Engagement Rings, Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Loose Diamonds, Tension Rings, Wedding Bands and Diamond Studs that are certified.  We offer only quality diamonds that are certified.

    Diamond rings- Fashionable and Striking Romance for Women

    February 16th, 2012 9:39 pm

    Diamonds are girl’s best friends. There is no doubt regarding that. And diamonds lasts for eternity. There is no doubt regarding that as well. It adds a new definition to your relationship as you take your commitment to the next level. But make sure to figure out exactly that she is the one before making such life altering decisions. You are going to be sharing the reminder part of your life with this special person and she needs to be really special. Sort of like made for each other which is a very popular phrase. Diamond engagement rings are the best possible gift you could ever give to your valentine on Valentine’s Day. There is no other day better than Valentine’s Day to make such proposals.

    Diamond engagement rings

    Diamond engagement rings

    The diamond ring you purchase for making such a holy request has to be of the highest quality. A good quality ring will be certified by the necessary quality assuring boards. Make sure to purchase such certified diamonds while shopping for that special ring. It has to be highly unique as well. You cannot purchase just another random diamond ring. Of course, every ring you come across is invariably beautiful and elegant. However, most of these designs are similar in terms of their pattern and that is why there is nothing special about them. The ring that you purchase for your future spouse has to be highly unique and distinctive. It has to be according to her likes and dislikes. It has to be special just like how special she is to you and your life. The proposal has to surprise her and sweep her off her feet. The latest trends in diamond jewelry are certainly quite modern and fashionable. They look dazzling, chic and trendy. They are certainly glamorous.

    Wedding ring

    Wedding ring

    Most of the diamond merchants allow you to customize your own rings. This is the best possible solution you could ever find for picking up the right unique ring for your fiancée. With three easy steps you can create your own ring according to her likes. All you need to do is choose the metal for the ring, certified center piece diamond for the diamond ring, and finally the setting style of the ring. And now defining the size of your ring, your ring is ready for purchasing. You can also choose among semi precious stones and wedding ring while customizing your rings. Semi precious stones are quite colorful and they add exquisite detail to your ring. The center diamond piece along with the semi precious stones set along the side are truly a remarkable style as they dazzle and sparkle like anything. These rings are bound to kindle the spirits and romantic ambitions of your fiancée.

    Browse through our galleries for further details.

    Diamond Engagement Rings makes your Valentine’s Day Special

    January 27th, 2012 9:30 pm
    “A DIAMOND IS FOREVER” – and so should be your love. So the best way to express your deep love to your loved ones is by gifting that special someone with a diamond jewellery, to be specific and more romantic, a diamond rings will be great. It is always considered that gifting a diamond ring to your love is very romantic, to make it more special having a great ambiance like a candle lit dinner, will even brighten up the feel. As Valentine’s Day is coming up, it will be perfect for you to gift your special one with a diamond ring in such an atmosphere. No words, your special one will be spell bound and be in cloud nine.

    Engagement Rings

    If you haven’t given it a thought, think and decide it’s the right time, since Valentine’s Day is forthcoming it will be apt to gift him/her with diamond engagement rings. Trust me, if you are going to gift your girl, she will never forget it, the rest of her life, so make sure you make it special to her. Let this February 14 be a great one to kick start your love life and very soon get into the eternal married life.

    Wedding Rings

    Try giving the gift as well in a special and different way, take extra pains to make it as memorable as possible. Hide the ring which you’re planning to gift them in a place where they will find out easily, say for example his /her wardrobe, shoe stand, or dining table. These three places have to be visited before one leaves his/her place, so it is better you keep the ring in any one of the place. You would have seen all these in movies, where the ring is dropped inside the wine glass, where they find out, when they take the last sip and so on. So try something similarly and make it more interesting and special.If you can’t spend much time or money on all these kind of stuffs, since you have already spent a huge amount on the diamond ring, the only simple and easy way to give her the ring and at the same time give the special feeling which you would have given when you do all those stuff can be done by you- simple! Get down on one knee, and ask the women of your dreams to spend the rest of her life with you, by holding her hand and then give her the ring with a kiss.

    Diamond Rings

    Keeping all these romantic issues apart, you need to concentrate on the quality of the gift what you are going to buy, because it is something very precious and costly. Make sure you get the best one from the best place. Check for the basic criteria’s on which a diamond will be evaluated, which includes color, cut, clarity and carat. Make sure the engagement ring what you’re purchasing, is bought from a trusted and a reputed place, so that you can be quite relieved of the quality aspects of it. So, what you waiting for, go ahead and purchase the best ring for your loved one, quickly and easily, which is just a click away, there are a lot of online stores from which you can purchase wedding rings. One of the reputed sites includes novori.com. You can shop what you want, and it will be delivered to you in your doorstep.
    For further details log on to www.novori.com. Happy shopping!!

    Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings – Metal options for New Couples

    January 11th, 2012 10:21 pm

    Love is certainly in the air when you are about get down on your one knee and ask your fiancée’s hand for holy matrimony. It is very important for you to purchase the most unique engagement ring that suits her likes and dislikes accordingly while you are about to propose. The ring that you purchase has to be highly special as it adds a new meaning for your relationship with your fiancée. The ring you purchase has to make your fiancée feel special and extraordinary and how important she is for your life. Finding such a unique ring is always going to be a daunting task for most men. It is like searching for a single kind of pearl amidst the vast bed of oceans. Every diamond ring you might come across certainly seems to be really special and unique. Your head will simply start to swirl as you look at the options put in front of you in every retail as well as wholesale diamond shops.

    Diamonds are girl’s best friends. That doesn’t mean any particular ring you pick will be loved by your fiancée. Engagement rings come in variety of setting styles and designs, with or without semi precious stones etc. In order to identify the right unique ring that would mean everything for your future spouse, you need to know about her personality, likes and dislikes inside out. Well, if you have judged her well enough, then you wouldn’t have a problem in deciding while shopping alone for the diamond ring. Otherwise, you are going to get lost in a jungle. The ideal thing for you to do would be to tag along with her relatives or best friends and purchase the holy engagement ring. Who else would know your fiancée better?

    Every diamond is invariably special and precious. But then again, how unique is the particular diamond ring is, is a factor that depends upon the setting style. Metal used for this setting style is also one important parameter you need to consider while choosing for your engagement or wedding ring. Depending upon the type of metal used for creating ring, the cost of the engagement rings varies. Although diamonds in general are quite expensive, you can be most certain to find something that fits your budget. Hence, planning your budget is the first most important agenda you need to do while you are on a shopping spree for the right ring.

    The kind of metal you choose also helps you to save some on your budget. But then again, never compromise over quality for cheap price at any given day. Always purchase diamond rings based on 4C’s which stands for Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity. Always ask for certificates to ensure diamond’s quality. As for the metal part of the setting style of your ring, you can choose between Platinum, Palladium, White Gold and Yellow Gold. Each of these metals is highly exquisite and astonishingly beautiful in their own way. However, if you are a traditional guy, you should opt for the Yellow Gold ring as this particular metal is highly symbolic and emphasizes everlasting love. White Gold on the other hand often requires regular rhodium plating in order to maintain the white finish. You can also find engagement rings with setting styles made out of a combination of all of the above mentioned metals.

    www.novori.com is a high quality diamond ring store that merchandises only certified and purest of diamond jewelry. It is the perfect place for shopping for your wedding rings.

    Precious Engagement Diamond Rings

    December 28th, 2011 2:33 am

    To boom up with the latest trends in this fashion world you should take another look at beautiful three stone engagement rings.  A three stone diamond ring consists of colored or white stone in the middle with two tiny diamonds aside that adds some prettiness and glamorous look to that ring. It is made from precious metal like gold, silver or platinum.

    three stone engagement ring

    This TRINITY RING can be purchased online from Novori Jewelry.


    A wedding anniversary is a place where to share their love, connection and a mutual understanding between each other.


    You might prefer to give rings to your special one but you can also consider other options like diamond necklace, bracelet, gold pendant which is considered to be a delightful gift. These rings prefer to be huge in cost depending on the kind of element you choose thus it can vary in cost, color, element, size etc, depending on their presence of nature to the ring.

    Dazzling Diamond Ring

    These Dazzling diamond rings are always important and most welcome as a lovely gift for a lovely person not only in time of occasions and forever. This is the ways where all they can combine the beauty of love in occasions, with the modern gifts of jeweler as a custom piece of Diamond that reflects all of the symbols in a single piece. Not only size it also has following qualities.

    diamond ring

    There also other cuts such as emerald, oval, pear, heart, princess, baguette, cushion, trillion and marquise are also popular. But Princess cut diamond engagement rings are most popular because of their special cut.


    Mens diamond wedding band for men are one of the stylish metal in men jewelry. Men won’t wear jewelry a lot but, rings and chains they are pretty common. Some also prefer diamond rings. Diamond rings that men wear are huge and have stunning designs to reflect the masculine style. Other men will use diamonds in their suit buttons and cuffing to increase it’s elegant and value.


    Women take this as a chance to give valuable gifts to their dear ones and get diamond rings as they are meaningful gifts that are given for special occasions.

    Types of diamond rings

    Women have different kind of choices that they differ with men. There are lots of colors and cuts for the women when they come to select but men has only less preferences. There also other cuts such as emerald, oval, pear, heart, princess, baguette, cushion, trillion and marquise are also popular. Diamond can have been colored or precious white in color. We can see women wearing a blue diamond cut into a heart shape but men will not be able to be like as it won’t suit their modality.

    solitaire ring

    There are several types of rings such as Diagonal diamond rings, solitaire diamond rings, satin diamond rings and cluster diamond rings, diamond square rings, diamond square rings, are some of the many types of diamond rings that suits men perfectly.

    The fashionable and stylish Three Stone Engagement Rings

    December 19th, 2011 1:03 am

    To catch up with the hottest trend in fashion, Three Stone Diamond Rings you must check out three stone diamonds rings. It gains much popularity over the years. The three stone rings are also called ‘trinity rings’ or ‘past present future rings’.

    The three stone engagement rings have become one of the most popular kinds of engagement rings while compared to classic solitaire engagement rings. It is specially made of precious or a semi precious metal like gold, platinum or sterling silver and set with three precious or semi precious stones.

    A three stone diamond ring has main biggest diamond in the middle (the attraction of the ring) and with two tiny diamonds set side by side from the main diamonds which add beauty and glamour on the diamond ring. The three stone diamond rings may vary from one another. But in most cases it uses the same type of stone to maintain the sense of continuity.

    You can find three stone diamond rings for your wedding from online jewelry sites that sell these items in men’s and women’s sizes. These kinds of stone rings will cost a lot depending on the kind of metal that you choose and also the jeweler who makes these rings. Three stone diamond engagement rings can come in different sizes. You can create unique patterns and styles that will certainly fit the woman you love.

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    Diamonds a special wedding anniversary gift ideas

    December 8th, 2011 9:17 pm

    Dazzling Diamond Rings

    A wedding anniversary is a beautiful time in a couple’s life, where it’s the time to commemorate their love, connection and understanding together. Wedding anniversary is also considered to be one of the most pleasant revels in a person’s life.

    Lots of works needed to make a wedding an occasion to remember. Besides these arrangements, you’ll be required to purchase a gift for the newly married couples. After the completion of wedding day, it’s a day that will be a memory you will cherish and want to celebrate each year.

    As many were prefer to give wedding rings to their wives for their anniversary. Also there may be variety of other options like diamond necklace, bracelet, gold pendant which is considered to be a delightful gift. There are several aspects of diamonds quality namely cut, clarity, color and carat. Before purchasing a diamond rings you must need to know these four things.

    One of the most unique ways that anyone can combine the beauty, sentiment of anniversary symbols with the modern gifts of jewellery is by creating a custom piece that reflect all of the symbols in a single piece. Next, the color is compared with other colored sets of diamonds. Diamonds without color are thought to be one of the highest qualities.

    All these should be considered to assess the stone’s value, when deciding to purchase diamond ring.

    Dazzling Diamond Ring A lovely gift for someone you love

    November 29th, 2011 3:00 am

    Dazzling Diamond Rings

    Diamond rings are always guaranteed to make a special gift for a loved one. A lovely gift is always needed for some special occasions like wedding, birthday, anniversaries. Diamond rings are considered the most expensive rings and true source of love and promise. It’s best suitable for some memorable occasions.

    Diamond rings got popularity in late eighties when high quality and expensive stones became part of fashion. Dazzling Diamond rings are available in various styles like one big diamond set in the centre with many small gemstones around it. These rings are available in a number of cuts. Most favored and brilliant cut is round cut diamond rings. Other cuts such as emerald, oval, pear, heart, princess, baguette, cushion, trillion and marquise are also popular. Princess cut diamond engagement rings are more popular because of their softness and appeal.

    Couples often exchange diamond wedding rings when they become engaged. But also some other occasions like social achievements, birthday parties makes the diamond ring a perfect gift. So consider giving one of these dazzling diamond rings for your loved one.

    Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but men welcome them, too. Make sure you turn to dazzling diamond rings when it’s time for you to memorialize such an unusual occasion.

    What kind of diamond rings men like to wear

    November 7th, 2011 10:00 pm

    Now this is what men would think if they get a chance to see the title. Men and diamond are not that dear, unlike women who go crazy behind diamond rings and any piece of jewel that is of diamond. Diamond Ring Diamonds are said to be a women’s best friend as she adores diamonds for its beauty, purity and rarity. Sometimes you don’t find a lot of women these days wearing diamond ring as they don’t want heavy piece of jewelry unless it is their wedding ring or engagement ring. Same ways men would not mind wearing their wedding rings if it is made of diamonds. For many men who don’t mind pricy stuffs diamonds and related article won’t be of any importance. Same ways, men who are from a rich background and who move with people who note their fashion, diamonds and diamond rings are of great importance and value.

    Diamond rings for men are one of the mainly impressive as well as stylish stuffs in men’s jewelry. Men don not wear a lot of jewelry generally but, rings and chains are something that they wear commonly. Apart from gold watches with diamond dials and pendants with diamond settings, nice bold diamond rings are men’s common jewelry. Women take this as a chance to give valuable gifts to their dear ones and get diamond rings as they are meaningful gifts that are given for special occasions.

    Unlike what women wear, diamond rings that men wear will be made of one single metal like gold, platinum or titanium. You can see that women go a fancy design that are inspired from flowers or insects and is made up of a mixture of metals like silver and gold or platinum and gold. Diamond rings that men wear are quite big and have stunning bold designs to reflect the masculine style.

    Women have greater choice when it comes to the types of diamonds like color and cut but men have pretty lesser choice. We can see women wearing a proper pink diamond cut into a heart shape but men will not be able to fashion it as it won’t suit their sexuality. Sexuality is one of the main stuffs to note if you want to fancy the right style of accessory that suit you. Diagonal diamond rings, diamond square rings, diamond square rings, solitaire diamond rings, satin diamond rings and cluster diamond rings are some of the many types of diamond rings that suits men perfectly.

    Best crafted rings are always an attraction with a perfect suit. Gentle men would use diamonds in their suit buttons and cuffing to increase it’s elegant and value. Though men are far away from jewelry that women like, we can find that there is another way in which men use diamonds as accessories.

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    Why Diamond wedding rings are special for men

    November 2nd, 2011 12:31 am

    Diamond rings were most commonly associated with women but today there are many takers for such rings with men also. The modern man often chooses to defy all conventions and go for style that is often considered unconventional. Keeping in line with this the men’s diamond rings are fast becoming a fashion statement today. There are more and more men who are going for such accessories.

    Men wearing wedding rings can be considered recent in the historical times. It can be said that only after the Second World War men started wearing wedding rings. This style got popularized and also dwindled for a period of time however now this style has taken off again and it has become one of the hottest trends in the season. However, when it comes to jewelry for men, there are different considerations that are to be kept in mind when looking out for jewelry for men.

    For one thing women will not care too much about the wedding ring. However, an engagement ring is what is special for a woman. The engagement ring will form the feature on her finger. This is what will be admired. Therefore such a ring for women has to be a diamond solitaire that would make sure that the ring is admirable. There should be more effort put towards the purchase of an engagement ring for women than a wedding ring.

    A wedding ring for women should not overpower her engagement ring. There are some brilliant stones that you can choose to form the wedding ring for a woman; it should never overshadow the diamond ring.

    Men diamond wedding rings

    Men diamond wedding rings

    For men this is completely different. There is no engagement ring for the man. Hence the diamond wedding ring will be the only feature that will be seen on the hand of the man. Hence it is essential that the diamond rings for men are big. Big would mean the rings would be more prominent and showy. Men are not mostly fond of jewelry. Therefore this piece of jewelry is the probably the only piece he is going to wear for the rest of his life. This piece has to tell the world who he exactly is and this can be done through careful selection and choosing of the diamonds and the seating of the diamond.

    Men commonly choose rings that have many small pieces of diamonds set into the ring which forms the seat for the diamonds. Although it is not uncommon to find a man wearing a ring with a solitaire diamond, these are more common with women. Men look to have a square shaped seating with diamonds on it. There can be different materials selected for the seating. These include silver, platinum, titanium and also carbon fiber. The diamond rings for men is about the diamond and the ring together which is unlike the women whose most important criteria would be the diamond. Also the men diamond rings are most commonly wider. They can be found at a diamond store in the separate section for men’s jewelry.

    Top 5 Tips For Purchasing Fine Diamond Jewelry Online

    October 31st, 2011 3:29 am

    It is getting more popular to shop for jewelry and diamond rings online. Almost every day, thousands of consumers are making their first online purchase but what may surprise you is that purchases and even cars, diamond engagement rings and jewelry is now being purchased online. But how do you know that you will be getting a fair price with the highest quality product and more importantly, how do you know that your personal credit card information is secure when you purchase online? Although you can buy approximately anything online, today we will just be looking at purchasing diamond jewelry online from Novori.

    Wide and beautiful collections of fine jewelry are available today and you will not need to step out of your home. You just need to know what to look for. It is very easy to get influenced by cheap and low prices without knowing the quality of the jewelry. Even so, looking at the jewelry we may never know about it. Here are some tips to consider and worth knowing before shopping for jewelry.

    1.) When you start, finding Diamond jewelry on the Internet, you may notice that there are hundreds or even thousands of sites selling all types of diamond wedding rings and jewelries. How do you make sure to know which of them are trustworthy?  Check that they have a physical address like Novori Jewelry.  See if a real person answers the phone so you can call anytime.  Novori makes each piece as they are ordered. Custom made jewelry.

    Diamond Jewelry

    Diamond Jewelry

    2.) When you click on a link on the affiliate site, then, brought to the merchant site. It is on this site that searches for contact information. In addition to a physical address, ensure that there is also a toll-free number so easily can call your service to customer without cost you a penny. Click the two seals for assurance that they are active and not just for graphics, stuck on the page. Many diamond traders will also have different conclusions for the other organizations that belong to a but the above two are most important.

    Diamond Jewelery

    Diamond Jewelery

    3.) The site should have a diamond of Learning Center page or a set of pages where you can get to know the 4 diamond C. The more you know diamond better prepared you are to get exactly what you are looking for. Novori wants you to know what you are getting. Learn a little on the diamond color, clarity ratings, understand what the sizes of diamonds are and have an idea of what type of Cup you like.

    4.) A reputable company like Novori will help you every step of your ordering, interactive website where you can see the actual size of the jewelry and can “play around” with different ideas, comparing the different cuts, clarity, size, etc. If they are only a handful of diamonds you won’t be given the opportunity to find the perfect ring for the lowest price.

    Diamond Jewelery

    Diamond Jewelery

    5.) Read and fully understand their return policy notice. To find out their policies inside and out before purchase online. Most of the standard 30-day money back policy, but some allow only Exchange or credit. Novori offers a full 30 day return policy.  So read it again and if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to call them the telephone in such a way as to fully understand.

    Novori Jewelry specializes in diamond engagement rings and can help you create the perfect ring.  Call us at 1-877-877-4141.

    Diamond Wedding Bands- a Gripping Way to Woo Your Partner

    October 24th, 2011 12:51 am

    Diamond Wedding rings are an all time preferred symbol of love among couples for the most memorable day of their life. Beauty and idealistic appeal of Diamond Wedding bands have been charming thousands of people by casting its magic spell of dazzle and sparkle on them for a long time now. Diamond rings have taken a long route as the olden days in conditions of their performance, services etc.

    Diamond Wedding Bands

    Diamond Wedding Bands

    But even today, if you wedding is to be a modern style,  customary wedding party at a couple’s family home, beauty of the time remains incomplete without swap of Diamond Wedding bands between the bride and the groom. The information which makes these wedding bands look classier is their epitome of simplicity which appeals to everyone in a gripping way.

    Ever growing insist of Diamond Wedding bands have led several diamond stores to include varieties of diamond bands and engagement rings in their collected works to attract more would be brides and grooms to arrive at out for their variety wealthy catalogs. Masterfully skilled Diamond Wedding bands top at the desire list of most of the couples when it comes adding to a touch of style, complexity and class to the occasion.

    Balancing the rich and splendor feel of the wedding bands is the unique fact of imagery of diamonds which due to their strength are considered to be a thing of jewelry which has lasts forever. The feel therefore suits the time perfectly and in a way to represents the promises and swears taken between the couple on that wedding day. This special imagery of forever loving each other is what matter makes Diamond Wedding bands so popular and sought after rings.

    Novori.com is an outstanding site for you to pick out the wonderful diamond wedding bands. We are proud to showcase and sell the best variety of diamond wedding bands that not only the best in conditions of quality, and also give you great value for your money, as we are the actual manufacturers and you will buy direct and save more. All wedding rings come with a lifetime warranty, 30 days money back guarantee and lowest price guarantee. So wait no more: log i online at http://www.novori.com/, start shopping now.  Need help with your selection?  We are available to assist you anytime.

    diamonds Best diamond prices online
    loose diamonds Free FedEx shipping to the USA
    engagement rings No risk 30 day money back guarantee
    diamond rings All engagement rings are made in the USA
    wedding rings Registered with the Better Business Bureau
    certified diamonds Huge selection of high quality diamonds
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