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  Perfect & Complete Diamond Engagement Rings
Our jewelry experts have selected our most popular settings and matched them with stunning, high quality certified diamonds to create a Perfect & Complete diamond ring in affordable price ranges. These certified diamonds and popular ring settings have been matched together to create a perfect, complete ring with exceptional value. Perfect and Complete diamond engagement rings are still custom made to Novori's exacting standards uniquely for you.
  • Beautiful handcrafted ring setting included
  • High quality certified diamond perfect for your setting included
  • Independent diamond certificate included
  • 30 day return policy for your peace of mind included
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7 rings found.  
7 rings found.  

Solitaire diamond engagement rings represent classic beauty

Solitaire diamond engagement rings are timeless classics. Many brides have fallen in love with the simplicity of a single diamond set in a beautiful band. Novori continues this tradition with its exquisite selection of solitaire diamond engagement rings and high quality loose diamonds. The engagement rings shown are complete with a center stone and fit any diamond ring budget. We also sell the certified diamonds and solid gold settings seperately. Just call Novori for assistance toll free at 1-877-877-4141.

Novori has a wide selection of solitaire diamond engagement rings to suite your style and diamond ring budget. Solitaire diamonds can be cut to various shapes and sizes, and most of our ring setting and bands can fit any diamond you desire. Our solitaire bands are available in yellow gold, white gold, and platinum.

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