4 C's : cut, color, carat, and clarity   

Of the 4 C's, the diamond's cut is the most important factor in determining its brilliance and beauty. Sometimes a diamonds cut is confused with a diamonds shape. This is likely due to some in the industry mistakenly referring to a diamond being a 'round' or 'princess' cut. When speaking of a diamonds 'cut grade', we are referring to its proportions, symmetry and polish. Novori will not sell diamonds with a cut grade considered less than very good.

Ideally, the cut of the diamond is done in a way to best reflect the light that shines into it. This is what produces the sparkle and fire we see in a beautifully cut diamond. If the diamond is cut too heavy, or too shallow, most of the light entering into the crown is released through the bottom of the pavillion resulting in an overall dull appearance. An ideal cut diamond on the other hand, returns most of the light that enters it back through the crown giving it a very satisfying sparkle effect.

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Ideal cut

Deep cut

Shallow cut